At the cover shoot – YJ SG Editor Interview

YJ SG’s debut edition cover shoot was full of fun and laughter. Editor Kavita Chandran and cover model Alicia Pan met photographer, Gargi Mazumdar, on Marina Barrage at the wee hours of a Sunday morning. Here’a an interview of YJ SG Editor by Yoga Movement’s Creative Executive, Amanda Yesionowski.


Hi Kavita! To be honest, we’ve yet to read Yoga Journal! What exactly makes it such a hit in the US?
It approaches yoga and fitness with a lot of fun. You find details about poses and alignment that a student often misses out in class. There’s ample information about meditation benefits and eating the right food – I know of people in the U.S. who have saved cutouts of Yoga Journal recipes from years ago!

That healthy, balanced lifestyle is great … but it’s hard! How does Yoga Journal help us get better into the groove?
It’s no secret that all work and no play can make things dull. It is important for people to break out of their routine and have fun, it is important to meditate and enjoy moments of silence with your self and it is equally important to eat right. In fact, one of our features in the debut edition is “Shake Things Up” and it’s a fun read about how to break out of a rut.

What’s your read on Singapore’s relationship with yoga? How does Yoga Journal tie into life here, specifically? 
I would call it a good marriage. People in Singapore are educated, aware and extremely busy. They are on the constant lookout for an exercise regimen that keeps them fit. When they discover yoga, they soon realize the long-term benefits that come along – how yoga lowers stress levels, calms your mind, helps you focus and improves physical health. People start living yoga outside their mat and that’s a relationship to cherish forever.

Out of everybody in Singapore, how did you land on our one and only Alicia Pan as your debut feature cover? 
I found Alicia through DJ, a mutual friend and teacher at Yoga Movement. Alicia’s energy is infectious. Her love for yoga is obvious and her zeal and enterprising nature made her an ideal candidate.

By Amanda Yesionowski, Yoga Movement


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