Cover Shoot: Behind the Scenes @Haji Lane

Haji Lane has to be the funkiest place in Singapore! It oozes character and charm, with a narrow alley lined with colorful stores and restaurants. It sprung to our minds the moment we thought of our April issue – our first Men’s issue!


We wanted something masculine, yet creative. Something funky, yet historic. Something rugged, yet soft and charming. Just like our cover model: a yogi who could, at one glance, belong to the yesteryears, and at another, be as funky and cool as any millennial.


And so, it was a delight when Copper Crow, Pure Yoga’s lead teacher, met the YJSG team on Haji Lane on a Sunday morning, bright and early. Gargi, our speedy photographer, wanted the best lighting before the sun cast its shadows and Haji Lane turned into a hue of colorful spreads and noisy footsteps.

It was clean and surreal: the weather supported us, the streets were swept, the green big garbage cans too were lined methodically, awaiting to welcome Yoga JIMG_9254ournal Singapore’s cover shoot. Copper’s wife, Andrea, accompanied him, and was such a blessing as she ran each time to adjust his T’s and shorts, pulled out a wet wipe to dab dirt off his feet and hands, and threw a towel at him each time she felt a sweat break through. The chemistry between them was adorable. We loved having this wonderful woman around!

Along a couple of hours, not only did we shoot some awesome awesome photos, we managed to grab lighter moments, have serious discussions, laugh and also pose for the heck of it.

IMG_9279 IMG_9288  IMG_9267

Thank you to guest teacher, Kryn Miahki, for helping out — the reflector would’ve been pointless with you!

April/May edition coming to you on April 18! Read about ‘Why more men should be doing yoga and meditation”!

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