3 Whole Grains to Add to Your Diet

Believe the hype about whole grains: They supply the fiber and minerals that get stripped out of refined varieties. Here are nutritional powerhouses to substitute for white rice—and how to cook them.



Brown Rice

It’s high in selenium, a mineral that helps regulate thyroid function, acts as an antioxidant, and bolsters your immunity.

COOKING TIP For perfect consistency, drain rice in a mesh strainer after cooking. Return to pot, cover, and let sit off burner for 10 minutes.



This grain is rich in magnesium and potas­sium, which are vital for bones, plus beta glucans, which are key for lowering cholesterol.

COOKING TIP Resoak hulled barley in water the night before you plan to make it. You’ll cut cooking time in half, saving up to 30 minutes.



A complete protein, quinoa contains all 9 amino acids needed to build and repair muscle tissue postpractice.

COOKING TIP Let quinoa rest for 15 minutes after cooking to avoid a wet, clumpy texture.