Business of Yoga: FREE Online Course

Yoga Journal Singapore publisher, yoga teacher and author, Kavita Chandran, joined with business Yoga coach, Amy McDonald, and world class yogis in a free virtual Yoga conference: The Business of Yoga Series.

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This conference deep-dives into the business experiences of Leading Yogis worldwide and provides you with the opportunity to gain insight into the journeys of many yoga leaders! You can register for it for FREE right here:

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When you register for this Series you’ll receive invaluable insights into what it takes to have a fulfilling Yoga career – without compromising your practice or beliefs. From ways to overcome both personal and professional roadblocks, to how leading Yogis manage their time and energy, to key mistakes that we would have avoided if only we knew how to – you’ll leave with a deeper understanding of how you too can gain in a Yoga career.

You also receive practical tools from real life experiences on how to establish your Yoga career and you’ll leave inspired and ready to take action on your vision and elevate your business to the next level.


“Whether you’re a brand new teacher or you’ve been teaching for ages, if you’re ready to make your Yoga career an abundant one, join Amy McDonald and a bunch of other cool folks to find out how, at the Business of Yoga Series” – Kavita Chandran