Happy June 21 – International Yoga Day!

Celebrate International Yoga Day with Shiva Rea’s Sun-Saluting Meditation

Yoga Journal Master Class teacher Shiva Rea offers the practice below as a way to meditate on the life-giving energy of the sun (surya) with your whole body.
shiva rea in surya prana mudra

Inhale; draw your hands from your heart, stretching your arms so your hands are
level with your eyes and ears. Feel your inner sun and your arms energetically radiating from your heart. Repeat a simple mantra for connecting with the sun, either aloud or internally: Om suryaya namaha. Take a deep breath in and repeat the chant. And then again. And again. Keep saying it with every exhalation until the melody stays with you even after you stop chanting it. Enjoy Prana Mudra for several breaths or several minutes. To close, feel the gathering of energy as you bring your hands back to your heart.

Yoga Journal Singapore wishing all our readers a very happy International Yoga Day!