Meditation for the Relationship issues we’ve all had!


7 Meditations for the Relationship Issues We’ve All Had

Meditation can have a big impact on many areas of our lives—including our relationships. We asked some of their top teachers to create a series of meditations devoted to solving the most common relationship problems.

“One of the most important things we can do to add more meaning to our lives is to strengthen our relationships,” says Meditation Studio co-founder Patricia Karpas. “We asked a group of women and men, ‘What are the biggest challenges you face with relationships?’ The answers we heard were strikingly similar. While we all have our own ways of dealing with these relationship issues, the core challenges are common to just about everyone. Addressing them is how our Meditation Studio Relationship Collection was born.” Here are the top 7 relationship challenges Meditation Studio uncovered and a suggested meditation for each one.

7 Meditations for Top Relationship Issues