Have Mat, Will Travel – Yoga Escape

Teachers! Got a retreat coming up? Spread the word – there’s someone out there who wants to escape and your retreat may be just the right destination.

By YJ Editors

The theme for Yoga Journal Singapore’s October edition is about retreats and getaways. Why? Because Singapore has many hungry yogis who are always ready to roll their mat and board a plane to escape stress, learn something new and be rejuvenated.

We are doing a feature about ‘The Great Yoga Escapes in the World’. Bet readers can’t wait to learn which ones will be featured – many of which come recommended by reputed yoga teachers around the globe. (Email us if you’d like your retreat to be featured). For those teachers in town who are keen on spreading the word about an in-house retreat, join the Classified section (very slashed price of only S$300). Email us at advertisements@yogajournal.com.sg  or call +65 6521 3800 to learn more.

Don’t miss the Oct/Nov edition. Yoga Journal cover model Laura Burkhart will be writing about her experience hosting a retreat in Bali, and will be sharing tips for all teachers! And, Michelle Fliegauf, the founder of International Yoga, is writing for us about what it takes to plan a successful yoga retreat.  Stay tuned!