Transformational Energy Retreat in UBUD, BALI: NOV 1-5, 2017

Looking for a yoga retreat that promises to HEAL you by clearing out deep-rooted stress from your system? What better place to do this than mystical and spiritual Bali. Read on…there’s a YJ perk.

Join this amazing body, mind and spirit retreat that promises to clear your mind, and harmonize your nervous and glandular systems. There will be daily sessions to raise, stimulate and activate your life-force and energetic systems.

The 5D/4N Mystical Bali Retreat includes:

  1. Powerful Kriya Set – daily to cleanse, activate and anchor new energies.
  2. Morning Sadahana – at least twice during the retreat (Connecting with Amrit Vela portal).
  3. Healing Chants and Meditation to activate the Mid Brain Miracle.
  4. De-armouring and releasing old muscular patterns & limiting beliefs.
  5. Bio-Energetic work & Release
  6. Dynamic Rebirthing Sessions
  7. Water hydration and reprogramming session
  8. Silent time to recharge in nature
  9. Cleanse & rejuvenate with fresh food, juices and herbal teas – food is delicious here!

And yes, few more surprises await you ……… Details here!

Sign up today!  Last few seats left.

Cost — $1150 (includes double sharing room*, all meals and pick up from airport one way)
*Single room – additional $300

YJ BUZZ SPECIAL: Only $2100 if 2 persons sign up together, $1100 for a single person.

Contact /Register : Adam Fazlur – or +65 91055596
Find us on Facebook: @KundaliniYogaSingapore
Payment can be done through PayPal or bank transfer

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