What’s brewing in Broga world? Beer Yoga

The 1925 Brewery Co., Singapore

It’s no secret that the one place men like to hang out with bros is a brewery. It is no surprise then that a brewery is the fav hangout zone for Brogis too (Brogis = Brother Yogis, btw!).

What was once a small niche seems to be gaining popularity—with yoga classes at breweries from California to South Carolina, many places in Europe, and now in Singapore too.

Yoga sessions often take place at the loft above The 1925 Brewery Co. in Singapore, where men cheer to pints of beer after a high workout stretch class.

“It has always been our goal to extend the reach of our beers, which is why we fully welcomed the idea of yoga in a brewery since the ideals are similar–making yoga accessible to everyone,” said Yeo Eng Kuang, co-founder of The 1925 Brewery Co. on Jalan Besar. “Moreover, beers after yoga is the perfect way to relax, and also bond with your peers.”

A beer brewery might seem like an unlikely place for a yoga class, but for some, that’s a part of the appeal. “The floors are concrete, and they’re usually a bit dirty. It’s loud from the glycol chiller,” said Beth Cosi, who teaches a class called Bendy Brewski at breweries around Charleston in South Carolina. “It’s garage band yoga. You’ve got to be OK with that.”

Cosi, who had worked in the restaurant business when she began teaching yoga said she noticed how much her co-workers needed the practice. But no matter how much she invited them to come to her studio classes, they never came. She realized they were intimidated by the yoga studio, so she started offering yoga classes at a local brewery to make the practice more accessible. Following the classes with a beer tasting was a no brainer. “There’s a kind of serenity after a good yoga class, and what followed was relaxing, slow conversation with no drama and no yoga hype,” Cosi said.

From the smell of hops to the feeling of community, breweries offer a casual atmosphere that brings together students who might otherwise never practice yoga with seasoned practitioners who enjoy a good beer. “Beer and yoga have a few things in common, but the most important is happiness,”said beer blogger and yoga teacher Adrienne Jenise, who teaches BrewAsanas in the Denver and Boulder, Colorado areas. “Both are soothing, relaxing, and lead to a casual social environment.”

As long as we don’t mix the two common happy feelings. Drinking a beer or wine after a yoga session sounds much better than on the mat. Believe it or not, that’s happening as well unfortunately.