More than 200,000 come together for Yoga & Meditation in Mexico City

Hundreds of thousands of people gathered on Sunday morning in Mexico City to listen and move with Naam Yoga founder Dr. Joseph Michael Levry, and give hope to those affected by tragedy around the world.

Pix Courtesy – streaming live video from Nama Yoga via

By Kavita Chandran, YJSG Editor
Nov 26, 2017

The mass yoga and meditation, which lasted for nearly two hours, was sponsored by non-profit Naam Yoga LA, and taught by Dr. Joseph Michael Levry, an author, composer, international speaker, producer of sacred music and dedicated teacher.

Dr. Joseph Michael Levry during the event (Courtesy live streaming video)

“Where there is love, there is life, there is light,” said Dr. Levry as the crowd swayed to chants in Sanskrit, Punjabi and Hebrew (Sat Naam, Wahe Guru, Aum; and more), in Mexico City’s historic Zócalo at the sixth Global Gathering for Peace and Healing.

Many across the world, including Singapore, joined in via as Mexico City came together to heal and send positive energies to those affected by tragedies around the world. The year was marked by unfortunate events such as the central Mexico earthquake, the California wildfires, Hurricanes, deadly shootings and terror attacks in the U.S. and Europe, as well as in Egypt recently, and earthquakes in Iraq and Iran.

“This is a special day. This is a day of healing,” Dr. Levry said to the enthusiastic crowd. “We are going to clean completely the fear, the anger and the insecurities.”

Pix Courtesy – streaming live video from Nama Yoga via

Women, men and children – young and old – twisted to yoga stretches, spinal movements, and breathing exercises as Dr. Levry directed them to “open the meridians of the body”.

“We have to improve the way we think, the way we feel, the way we speak, the way we act and the way we behave,” Dr. Levry told the crowd.

The event was held at Zócalo Square in Mexico City at the Plaza de la Constitución S/N.

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