Intention & Inspiration

Setting an intention can be a powerful practice that helps you align with your higher goals. But keeping that intention front-of-mind so you actually follow through? That can be more challenging.

Enter the DIY affirmation card. “I leave these little love notes— acknowledgements of divinity, reminders of presence, and notes of appreciation—around the house to remind myself how to point my attention,” says New York City yoga teacher Elena Brower. “And the art of creating them is a meditation in and of itself, a sweet morning ritual.”

To make your own, decorate a little piece of paper with any type of art that calls to you—you can use watercolor, collage, or even magic markers or crayons—and write a phrase or quote that moves you, says Brower. “Enjoy the informal act of creating art,” she says. “Think of these as a gift to yourself that will add to your space, to your heart, and to your world.”

By Meghan Rabbitt