How to stay healthy when you travel?

Yoga teachers weigh in. Here’s what some do when they travel.

“I meditate on the plane with Satanama Meditation, and I travel with essential oils—my favorites are lavender, peppermint, and oregano.”
Kat Tudor, Yoga teacher and artist


“Travelers commonly experience symptoms of aggravated vata dosha: difficulty sleeping, constipation, nervousness. Vata oversees the intake of information through the five senses, so give your sense organs a break on the airplane: Cover up with a blanket, put in earplugs, and take a quiet nap.” Larissa Carlson, Yoga teacher and former dean of the Kripalu School of Ayurveda 


“I get sore throats when I travel, so I carry a homeopathic with echinacea [an anti-inflammatory] and propolis [believed to fight bacteria and viruses]. I put it in my water and drink often.”
Briohny Smyth, International yoga instructor


“I credit grapeseed extract, a natural antibacterial, for my amazing food experience in India. I ate everything from roadside paratha to street-cart dosas and had no digestive woes.” Meghan Rabbitt, YJ senior editor


“Having experienced altitude sickness in India, I learned the importance of keeping the lymphatic system functioning well during travel. I start every day with a vigorous lymphatic self-massage, followed by postures like forward bends and seated twists to get the body moving.”

Carol Dimopoulos, Certified yoga4cancer teacher and president of Perillo Tours’ Learning Journeys