World Meat Free Week targets healthier life for the future

Reduced meat consumption and plant-based foods are on the rise in the health industry, but it is not always easy to start leading a green lifestyle.

By Alana Khan

World Meat Free Week, held this year from June 11-17, by a UK-based charity that goes by the same name, was an attempt to help individuals decrease their meat consumption in favour of a plant-based diet. Though they are a charity, the World Meat Free Week does not ask for donations, but rather makes a conscious effort to raise awareness and educate people on the benefits of reducing meat intake.

Going meat free not only has health benefits for the individual, but is also advantageous to our environment, they say.  The production of meat “is already responsible for 14.5% of global greenhouse gas emissions, more than all emissions from global transport combined”, according to World Meat Free Week. They encourage everyone to swap one meat meal a day with a meat-free meal, which will help create a healthier and better environment for us and our future generations.  The combined effort of switching out one meal to be meat free would save “the carbon equivalent of boiling a kettle more than 1 trillion times” and over “685 billion calories equivalent to running more than 236 million marathons”.  Individually, you can even reduce your carbon footprint by up to 50 percent!

Quorn, first established in the U.K, partnered with Barcook Bakery to set in motion a series of Meat Free food, made up of six buns made with Quorn products.

Their meat substitutes are available in Singapore and make it easier to have a meat free diet, while not giving up your favorite flavorful foods. “The mock meat was delicious.  I couldn’t believe it wasn’t meat”, said our editor, Kavita Chandran, who tasted some buns from Quorn Singapore and Barcook Bakery last week. Quorn Singapore and Barcook Bakery have taken this initiative to help consumers get meat free options affordably.

World Meat Free Week provides some tips and tricks for plant-based health and fitness, including living meat free on a budget, that you can access any time.