6 Simple Ways to Clear Negative Energy

Whether you feel bad juju coming from someone else or lingering in a space, try one of these tactics to clear negative energy and call in more light. 

Every day we come into contact with energy that can greatly influence our mood and well-being. From burning sage to spritzing salt water, these simple energy healing exercises will banish lingering negativity and attract positive change.

Have you ever walked into a party that was bubbly with fun and excitement? You immediately felt at ease and got swept up in the revelry. Or also had an opposite affect at another space as I did once at a hospital. Some energies can make you feel dead, heavy, and forced.

Many years before I knew anything about energy, I spent the day in a hospital with a friend who was awaiting surgery. Each hour, the surgery was further delayed and, as she was unable to eat or drink, I didn’t eat or drink anything either. Finally, at the end of the day, they wheeled her down to the operating room. I was instructed by the nurses to check in on a lower-floor waiting room before I went to get a bite to eat. This way they could contact me if I was needed.

The waiting room was quite large, with a round nurses station in the center. As I entered the room, all of the color drained from my face and I felt my legs begin to buckle beneath me. The feelings of anxiety and pain in that room were completely overwhelming! I spun around immediately, grasped the doorway, and collapsed into a folding chair just outside of the room.

I knew what the problem was in an instant. For decades, beloved family members and friends had sat in that room, worried terribly about their loved ones who were in surgery. That anxiety had been building up for years—and I could feel it. I’m sure my experience was made more dramatic because I hadn’t eaten all day. But I will share that this is not a unique experience. I’ve felt similar energy in every hospital waiting room I’ve been in since. The only difference between me and the other people in those rooms is that I’m more conscious of it, so I’m able to feel what’s in the energy around us all. Hospitals just aren’t tuned in to the energy of emotion and how it needs to be cleared. If they were, they could become far healthier environments for patients and their families.

I share this story for two important reasons. I want you to know that highly toxic energy can build up in many environments, including your own home. If you or anyone in your household has been sick, stressed, or depressed it’s even more important to clear. I hope you’ll be inspired to create a practice of clearing your own home regularly.

The second reason is so you will take steps to shield yourself energetically every day and reinforce that shield when entering places like hospitals, prisons, or even concert halls and bars. Wherever people congregate, there will be collective energy in that space. Often it contains energy you’d rather not be picking up on and feeling.

How to clear your energy

Before clearing any space, clear your own energy. Just as you regularly cleanse your body, it’s important to cleanse the funky, gunky energy that’s in your field. Some of it will invariantly be yours from your own stress, illness, or painful emotions. Some will be what you’ve picked up from other people and places. Think of it as energy hygiene. I clear myself in the morning, between clients, and at the end of each day.

Learn how to visualize the release of negative energy.

Visualizing the release of negative energy

Visualization can be done anywhere, anytime, even while sitting in a busy airport. If you think you’re not good visualizing, give it a try. Like anything, it gets easier with practice. Plus, you’re not just imagining, you are creating a real energetic shift that you will be able to feel in time.

If you are religious or spiritual, you can ask for divine help for this process. Here’s how:

  1. Set an intention for releasing all your own negative energy and everything you’ve picked up on from others. I like to say: I am easily releasing all energy from myself and others that no longer serves me. I do this for my highest good.
  2. Imagine a small ball of brilliant, golden light in the center of your chest, expanding the light on each exhalation.
  3. Imagine breathing in and out through your chest, expanding the light on each exhalation.
  4. Spread the light throughout your entire body. See it in your head, torso, arms, and toes.
  5. Now expand it beyond your skin until the light is about an arm’s length out in all directions.
  6. Follow by shielding (see below).

Yes, it’s that simple and it does work. When you do this regularly, you will find yourself calmer, more peaceful, less reactive, and more balanced.

Use minerals to banish toxicity

White sage and the Indian temple smoke called Sambrani give a nice fragrance to your home and also clear off toxic air. Another way to cleanse yourself is to dissolve 1 cup sea salt and 1 cup baking soda in a warm tub, and soak your toxicity away. If you don’t want to take a full bath, you can use this as a foot soak instead. As an added bonus, it’s also good for your skin and very grounding.

Try this energy healing practice for clearing

1. Place the middle fingertips of both hands on the forehead, in between the eyebrows.

2. Trace them up the center of the forehead, across the top of the head (imagine the line if your hair were parted in the middle), and down the middle of the back of your head, until you reach where your neck connects to your shoulders. Then sweep each hand across each shoulder. Left hand sweeps across the left side of the shoulder; right hand sweeps across the right.

3. Breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth while doing this.

How to clear your space

With all of the following exercises, set an intention for clearing. Going through the motions won’t create satisfying results if you’re not aligned with why you are doing it. Intention itself shifts energy.

Burn sage

Sage is a common herb that has been used to clear the energy of spaces for thousands of years. Clearing with sage is called smudging. Traditionally, the sage is dried, wrapped in bundles, then burned. The smoke is spread into every inch of area in a space, usually with a handheld fan, feather, or dried bird wing. Space clearing is natural and most of what you need is already in your home. Bring the smoke into every area of your home including closets and cabinets. Begin at the entrance and walk along the wall to your right till you come back to the entrance. At the end, open a window and allow the smoke to dissipate. Then put out the sage.


Practice shielding

I am a giant sponge: Wherever I go, I soak up whatever is around me. When it comes to learning, this is an asset, as I absorb information from classes and books quite quickly and deeply. When it comes to the rest of my life, it’s a definite liability!

1. Imagine a large bubble around you, about an arm’s length from your body in all directions.

2. See this bubble as a solid wall or a filter that covers you completely. Ask this bubble (or shield) to act as a cell wall, using its intelligence to allow love and positive energy in. Ask that anything negative not be allowed in, to hit the shield, slide off, and get neutralized by the earth. (Another option is to imagine mirrors on the outside of the shield, so anything sent your way gets reflected back to the person who sent it. Frankly, I’d like less negative energy in the world and prefer my method above.)

3. Fill the bubble with golden light.

By Kris Ferraro